About me


Little Red Riding Hood – that’s me. Ina, a dynamic German, 5’3” “miniature” cycling enthusiast, usually clad in a red hooded jacket, whirling my beloved Stevens bike.

I love the outdoors. Cycling on narrow, hilly roads, running through rustling leaves, tackling a mountain pass or gliding on skis through untouched snow. Travel is my passion: I like to go exploring off the beaten track, visiting remote places and discovering their hidden gems.

I am a cheerful cosmopolitan and curious about almost everything apart from dream ship cruises, all-inclusive resorts and mass tourism. I like a good story – written by life, witnessed in the streets, or shared over a glass of wine. Won`t say no to a `wee` dram of whisky as well. Oh, yes, talking about food! I love trying the local cuisine. Tasting foreign dishes for me goes hand in hand with travelling and spices up life on the road.

I love

  • untouched nature
  • vast horizons
  • dramatic weather
  • solitude
  • challenges (“go get ‘em!”)
  • wildlife sightings – small birdies as well as spectacular big mammals
  • a steaming pot of strong, sweat tea
  • a good meal after a long ride
  • my companion: Mr. Red “Butler” Stevens
  • my fine glowing-in-the-dark-Ukulele
  • I am not so sure about my tent yet… but I do hope we become friends along the way