The idea

My preparations profited greatly from blogs and travel reports from fellow cyclists (thanks for sharing!). While most travel independently and autonomously, all experienced overwhelming hospitality during their journeys. Residents greeting the lone traveller with a kind smile or encouragement, offering advice and directions or even sharing their homes and scarce meals. All agree, that these encounters are the highlights of travelling and make up for all the hardships on the way.

When trying to picture my travel routine, I could not ignore that it may show some resemblances to the life situation of homeless people. I am far from suggesting that long distance travelling can be compared to homelessness but both seem to unite a great demand and appreciation for courtesy, aid and hospitality on the road. If earning a friendly smile and a warm shower is already cherished by the privileged traveller, how much this must mean to a person, who is truly homeless, may be in a strange country, without family & friends. The thought stuck, thus, I decided to utilize my self-made rough living travel style for raising awareness and money for the real ones: the vendors of Hamburg’s street magazine Hinz&Kunzt.

Why I support Hinz&Kunzt

I am a long-standing reader of the street magazine Hinz&Kunzt. Selling the street magazine offers homeless people a dignified alternative to begging. Work and occupation are significant for a successful return and reintegration into society. Employment provides a daily routine, helps to build self-esteem and offers opportunities to develop a perspective for a self-supported life. But Hinz&Kunzt goes much further than “just” offering people a job. Hinz&Kunzt also provides professional, all-embracing life coaching for their vendors. Three social workers counsel and attend to 550 Hinz&Kunzt sellers in all matters and pitfalls of everyday life. Much like the so called „trail angels“ for long distance hikers concrete help is offered in the moment of need. About 400 counselling talks are held per week, complemented by paperwork and visits to the authorities, contact to landlords and other facilities, hospital visits or sometimes even attendance of a vendor’s funeral.

Fundraising goal

The social work at Hinz&Kunzt is essential and complements the street magazine’s mission. Therefore, I dedicate my fundraising to financing its social counselling service. Per cycled kilometer, I aim to raise 1 EURO. It is approximate 10,000 clicks from North Cape to the Rock of Gibraltar. With the sum of 10,000 EURO, the costs of social work at Hinz&Kunzt can be subsidized one tenth of a year! Help me achieve this goal! Please join me in making my bike trip truly count, here’s how you can contribute.

All donations go exclusively, entirely and directly to Hinz&Kunzt. The funds for my trip are covered by myself 100%. Each donation is appreciated, even the small ones.

Together we reach the goal – 10,000 EUR!